Do you agonize over selecting homeschooling curriculum? 

Learn the secret to choosing the perfect homeschooling curriculum WITHOUT that awful feeling of being paralyzed by overwhelm.


3 Keys to Choosing the Perfect Homeschooling Curriculum

Hosted by Michele Holmes, homeschool mom of 30 years and Homeschool Directive creator.

Never worry about picking the wrong curriculum again!

In this FREE webinar, Michele Holmes, a veteran homeschool mom of 30 years and creator of Homeschool Directive, a decision-making system that takes the guesswork out of homeschooling, will teach you the 3 keys to choosing the perfect homeschooling curriculum. It often takes years for homeschooling moms to figure out these 3 keys.

Michele will help you cut to the chase and avoid years of frustration and overwhelm.

She will teach you:

  • The number one mistake homeschool moms make when picking curriculum
  • How to avoid the soul-sucking blackhole of researching curriculum options
  • How to avoid spending your hard-earned dollars on curriculum that won't work for your family
  • How to say "no" to the good and "yes" to the best curriculum for your family

At the end of this webinar, Michele will help you create your own Next Steps for picking out the perfect curriculum for your family!

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