On today's episode, I welcomed Candice Dugger, founder of Kids Business Academy. A multi-passionate entrepreneur, Candice left a successful career to build a life she loves homeschooling her sons and spending as much time on the water with her family and her son's service dog as possible. Candice started Kids Business Academy to come alongside parents in teaching the essentials of entrepreneurship to their kids. She's sharing with us how your high schooler can take advantage of her program to earn a Elective credit in Business.

Credit Details

Elective - Entrepreneurship 

8 Week Course = .5 Credit


Online based. Both live teachings and recorded content. Communication through Marco Polo app.


Program is available to 10-year-olds and up.

Parental Involvement

Program is designed to be completed with little parental involvement.

About the Company

Entrepreneurship teaches our kids invaluable life lessons that will serve them whether or not they continue to own a business as they enter adulthood. At Kids Business Academy, Candice Dugger and Jenn Warren come alongside parents to teach the essentials of entrepreneurship - decision making, communication, finances, and more to help kids grow into confident, capable adults who aren't afraid of failure, who know how to think critically, how to chase their dreams, and who have the courage to step out into something new.