You've decided to homeschool through high school but now you need the specifics steps to make that happen.

During this bootcamp, we'll get clear on credit requirements and work out a plan for the next four years so you can confidently prepare your teen for life after graduation.

This bootcamp has ended. You can join the waitlist to find out when the next bootcamp will take place.

This Bootcamp Starts In









I will walk you step-by-step from getting set up to issuing a diploma.

I want to help you take on the next 4 years with confidence. That starts with knowing exactly what's required for high school and how to implement it.

After these 3 days, you'll walk away knowing what credits your student needs to graduate and have a plan for helping your student earn them.

I'd love to hear about the next bootcamp.

What you'll learn in this bootcamp:

Day 1: Foundations

Learn your first steps, how to stay compliant with homeschooling laws, what records you need to keep, and other decisions you need to make to set up your homeschool high school academy.

Day 2: Requirements

Discover the key terms, the required number of credits to graduate, and the process for issuing credits on your student's transcript. You'll walk away from this day with a framework for creating a high school transcript.

Day 3: Credits

Once you understand the required credits your student needs to graduate, you need to understand how they will earn them. Here's a little secret: there is actually 4 different ways to earn a credit! 

The Details

This is a free, online training event.

The training will take place LIVE each day of the bootcamp at 10am CT for inside our private Facebook group.

Each day's training will last for 1 hour and will also include time for Q&As!

No worries if you can't catch the training live; recordings of the sessions will be made available during the bootcamp and you can ask your questions at any time in the group!

Let me know about the next bootcamp.

Hi, I'm Michele Holmes!

As a homeschool mom of over 30+ years, I know first-hand how scary and overwhelming homeschooling through high school can be.

But, I also know how fun, beneficial, and life-giving it can be. So, I made it my goal to develop resources that help homeschooling parents take on the high school years with confidence.

I've had the privilege to coach hundreds of parents just like you move from overwhelmed and worried to confident and enjoying the last years they have with their kids at home. 

I'm excited to help you do the same!

This bootcamp has ended.

You can join the waitlist to learn about future bootcamps.