Hi, I'm Michele Holmes, founder of Homeschool Directive.

After 30+ years homeschooling my 8 kids through high school, I founded Homeschool Directive to help other parents homeschool their teens in a way that feels right to them.

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Often called an umbrella or oversight school, homeschooling parents can enroll their students with Homeschool Directive for academic direction, structure, and transcript.

Instruction & Curriculum

Structured to allow freedom of educational choice while meeting graduation requirements, Homeschool Directive values instruction and curriculum that honors an individual student's interests, educational progress, and unique learning needs.

A Clear & Structured
Path to Graduation

Designed to remove the guesswork out of earning high school credits, our path helps students learn what they need to learn while preparing for their future after graduation, whether that will be higher education, trade school, employment, or entrepreunership.

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