Overwhelmed by all the homeschooling decisions you need to make?

Learn how to focus in on what you and your family need and want from homeschooling.

Get Clear on Your Next Decision

Your decision fatigue ends here.

If you want to take the stress out of making the right homeschooling choices for your family, this coaching program is made for you.

Know Your Next Step

Gain clarity on your homeschooling vision and goals for your family so you know exactly what decisions to make.

Select the Right Resources

Learn how to pick the right curriculum and tools for your family so you can use your time and money on fun things

Become the Expert

Experience the confidence that comes from knowing that any homeschooling decision you make for your family will be a good one.

I'm going to help you do the upfront work so your decisions become simple.

Hi, I'm Michele and my goal is to help you move from feeling overwhelmed to feeling confident in your ability to discern the best choices for your family.

Imagine starting each school year knowing you've got a solid plan in place because you understand exactly what you and your family need for the year—without spending hours researching curriculum and strategies or throwing money at things that won't work for you.

That's what can happen when you join the
Homeschool Directive coaching program.

"Hey, Michele, what do I do about..."

When a mom comes to me with a homeschooling question, the same thing is always true: she's worried she's going to make the wrong choice and mess up her kid's future.

This lack of confidence comes from three things:

1. Not having a clear vision for her family's goals.
She doesn't know what her family hopes to do or how to accomplish it.

2. Not clearly defining her academy goals.
She doesn't know what she hopes to accomplish by homeschooling during the school year.  

3. Missing key pieces of information.
She doesn't know how her kids learn, where they are exactly academically, what the state requires her to teach, what she needs to thrive as a homeschool mom, etc.

The answer is simple: start with your Homeschool Directive.

I'm here to show you how.


The Coaching Program


The Course Training Videos


The Group Coaching Calls


Your Homeschool Directive


The Best Decisions for Your Family

Decision-making doesn't have to be stressful.

In Homeschool Directive, we say goodbye to worry and embrace our inner expert. We do this by:


01. Establishing a Foundational Vision. Instead of listening to what everyone else thinks you should do, spend your time smartly by observing and assessing your family's values and needs and set goals that reflect those.

02. Create a Decision-Making Filter. Trade hours of research and a blown budget for a systematic approach to decision making that you will use long-term.

03. Design a focused, yet flexible plan. Know exactly what you need to accomplish during the school year and how you will accomplish it while giving margin for the unexpected seasons of life.

The Homeschool Directive Coaching Program Includes:

3 Month Access to
Training and Support

You needed this information yesterday, so this program is short and sweet. Things are kept simple so you can easily make progress.

Weekly Live Group Coaching Calls with Michele

As you go through the training materials, you'll have unique situations that you'll want to talk through. This is your time to do that.

Weekly Personal Check-in by Voxer

Don't think of this as the teacher checking in on your progress, but rather a friend reaching out to tell you, "You've got this!"

On-The-Go App

Between teaching phonics, driving to co-op, and getting dinner on the table, your time is limited! Our content is at your fingertips when you have a moment to multitask.

Is Homeschool Directive the right program for me?

If you are nodding along, join here.

1. You are ready to move past the research stage and make an achievable plan for action.

2. You want to be able to make strong homeschooling decisions quickly and confidently.

3. You don't want to waste any more of your time or money on things that don't work for your family.

Join Homeschool Directive

This isn't the program for you if...

  • You feel confident in your homeschooling journey. You know exactly what you want and need from homeschooling and have a well-defined plan.
  • You are looking for lesson plans or curriculum reviews. This program is not about telling you what to do on a daily basis, but walking alongside you as you develop the ability to make the best decisions for your family long-term.
  • You are not willing to put a few hours aside each week to do the work.


For the Elementry Parent:

For the High School Parent:

Homeschool Directive



  • 3-month access to training modules
  • 12 group coaching video calls
  • 12 cheerleading check-ins
  • Online Community 
  • On-the-go App
  • Option to continue access to training and group coaching on a monthly basis

*Payment Plan Option: Three (3) monthly payments of $225

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HD for High School



  • All features of the Homeschool Directive Coaching Program
  • 3-month access to additional modules focused specifically on homeschooling through High School (requirements, credits, transcripts, college prep, graduation, and more)

*Payment Plan Option: Three (3) monthly payments of $265


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ready to get clear on your next decision?

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real moms, real results

Jenn U.

“When I started homeschooling, I had no idea where to start or even a true understanding of why I was doing it. It was overwhelming and I felt lost because I didn’t know if I was doing it “right.” Michele helped me understand the foundational values on which my decision was built so I could move forward with confidence."

Sheri B.

“Michele has developed a solid, practical plan that works for every homeschooler, from brand-new to seasoned. Even after my own lengthy homeschooling career, she has taught me new tricks! I like using the vision plan to direct what opportunities will work toward our goals for the year. It helps my yesses mean yes and my nos mean no!

Robin T.

“As I approached homeschooling through high school, I had many moments of confusion and concern. Michele explained how to create a path that works for each child. I now know how to look ahead and when to take steps. Michele calmed my worries and made this next step feel natural for me and my family. "

Meet Your Homeschool Coach

Hi, I'm Michele Holmes

I want you to know that you are the expert of your homeschool—even if you don’t feel like it yet.

As a veteran homeschool mom of 30 years, I know what it’s like to be afraid you’re going to mess up your kid’s future by making the wrong decision.

After spending hundreds of dollars on curriculum that didn’t work, trying to implement all the well-meaning advice from my friends that didn’t account for our unique situation, and reading book after book from the homeschooling experts who had no clue what my 8 kids were actually like, I finally stopped listening to everyone else and developed my own method for making great decisions for my family.

I want you to have the same confidence and clarity when making decisions for your own homeschool, which is why I've created this coaching program.

I can't wait to work with you! 

What you can expect from me:

A Listening Ear

Your family situation is different from everyone else, so I want to make sure you have a chance to share what unique challenges you are facing.

A Plan of Action

You need a clear idea of how to navigate all the homeschooling choices you have to make and I am committed to helping you developing that.

A 2nd Pair of Eyes

You already have all the info you need to make great decisions, but sometimes it takes another set of eyes on the challenge to help you see it. I'll offer that insight for you.

Ready to get clear on your next decision?

Yes! I want to sign up.

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Ready to get clear on your next decision?

Yes! I want to sign up.

The 3 Secrets to Having a Fun and Successful Homeschool 

Without spending a ton of hours or money

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Stressed just thinking about all the homeschooling decisions you need to make for your family?

Worried you are going to make the wrong choice?

I've created a resource for you that will show you how to take the stress out of making strong decisions and how to take the next step.

10 Steps to Make Your Homeschooling Decisions Simple