Overwhelmed by all the homeschooling decisions you need to make?

You Need a Homeschool Directive!

Your decision fatigue ends here.

Take the stress out of making the right homeschooling choices for your family.


Creating a Homeschool Directive will help you:


Know Your Next Step

Gain clarity on your homeschooling vision and goals for your family so you know exactly what decisions to make.

Select the Right Resources

Learn how to pick the right curriculum and tools for your family so you can use your time and money on fun things

Become the Expert

Experience the confidence that comes from knowing that any homeschooling decision you make for your family will be a good one.

Create Your Homeschool Directive

I'm going to help you do the upfront work so your decisions become simple.

Hi, I'm Michele and my goal is to help you move from feeling overwhelmed to feeling confident in your ability to discern the best choices for your family.

Imagine starting each school year knowing you've got a solid plan in place because you understand exactly what you and your family need for the year—without spending hours researching curriculum and strategies or throwing money at things that won't work for you. And when a new opportunity, method, or curriculum becomes available, you can say "no" to the good and "yes" to the best for your family.

That's what can happen when you create a
Homeschool Directive.

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Real Moms, Real Results

Jenn U.

“When I started homeschooling, I had no idea where to start or even a true understanding of why I was doing it. It was overwhelming and I felt lost because I didn’t know if I was doing it “right.” Michele helped me understand the foundational values on which my decision was built so I could move forward with confidence."

Sheri B.

“Michele has developed a solid, practical plan that works for every homeschooler, from brand-new to seasoned. Even after my own lengthy homeschooling career, she has taught me new tricks! I like using the vision plan to direct what opportunities will work toward our goals for the year. It helps my yesses mean yes and my nos mean no!

Robin T.

“As I approached homeschooling through high school, I had many moments of confusion and concern. Michele helped me create a path that works for each child. I now know how to look ahead and when to take the next step. Michele calmed my worries and made this next step feel natural for me and my family. "

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